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You may have heard of that classic New York Style Pizza. And maybe you have tasted that deep dish Chicago style. The battle between which style is the best has been raging since God knows when. And this fight for best pie has been a stalemate thus far. But pizza lovers watch out, a new challenger approaches. Seattle Style Pizza is turning heads for pizza connoisseurs all across the country. And Seattle local legend Tom Douglas is leading the way.

First off, what is Seattle Style pizza? Seattle Style Pizza is more like traditional Italian pies. It doesn’t have to be round and the dough is usually homemade or has a secret recipe that sets it apart from any other pie joints claiming to be Seattle Style. As for toppings, it’s free game. Anything local and fresh that would taste good on a Seattle Style pizza goes on. But those are the two requirements. Local and fresh.

Clearly, Tom Douglas is leading the Seattle Style revolution. The people have voted his Pizza the best in the city. He consistently lands the top spot on Yelp, garnering a 4 star rating after 1306 reviews. When it comes to Seattle Cuisine, Tom Douglas is the man. Starting in 1989, Tom Douglas has opened 10 restaurants in Seattle, the first being the Dahlia Lounge. Since then Douglas has appeared in many TV shows such as Iron Chef America where he defeated Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Good Morning America, and Emeril Live.

Today, he he has his own weekly radio show called In The Kitchen With Tom and Thierry with long time friend Thierry Reauterau. The radio show airs on Seattle's own KIRO Radio and previous episodes are available as a podcast on itunes. Clearly, this man is in touch with Seattle food. People want to know what Seattle has cookin' (quite literally) and it's cuisine can stand strong against some of the best chef's in the world. If anybody knows what Seattle Style Pizza is, it's Tom. But he doesn't just know. He helped establish the definition of Seattle Style Pizza with the creation of Serious Pie.

Serious Pie is located in the heart of Seattle, on Virginia Street, right behind his very own Dahlia Lounge. The restaurants are connected via the kitchen so anybody who dines at the Dahlia can smell the scent of fresh baked pizza pie dough waft through. Serious Pie being a small extension at the back of the Dahlia Lounge is very intimate, yet social. It's community seating so you may end up sitting next to a complete stranger if you are in a small party and there is a need to squeeze for space. In a town as progressive as Seattle, that's ok and can help build the camaraderie and attribute to the whole experience.

The dining room and the kitchen is only separated by glass windows and you can see people working in the kitchen on the food you are about to eat. Talk about being transparent. I had to chance to go to Serious Pie on the 4th of July. I was seated right next to a window looking into the kitchen and I saw a bucket placed on a wood table filled with what looked like white balls. Turns out that was the fresh buffalo mozzarella that went on one of the pizzas they served at the restaurant. As I continued to look around the kitchen I could see dried meats hanging in what looks to be a meat dryer and a man walking in with a crate of vegetables.

As for the menu itself, the true mark of Seattle Style Pizza is the use of fresh local ingredients (which we could already clearly see) and the creative use of such ingredients. For example the pizza I had on the 4th was topped with soft cooked duck eggs, garlic, coppa and braised char. It was literally garlic, dried meats, a duck egge over easy and some fresh shredded mozzarella. No, here you will not find your regular "cheese and pepperoni" or "meat extravaganza" archetypes.

But instead be introduced to seven (and yes, only seven) pizzas that will not only be completely foreign to you, but will make your mouth water and make your mind wonder. Do yukon potatoes taste good on a pizza? You can only find out here at Serious PIe and as so many Seattlites have found, yes, yukon gold potatoes are delicioun on pizza. On Seattle Style Pizza, from Serious Pie. Seattle's Best Gourmet Style Pizza.

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