Where can I go when I want pizza?

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I love pizza. Pizza is one of those foods I could survive on, along with tacos and Indian, for the rest of my life and be happy. Good pizza is one of those things that makes the whole world sing. This week we review a place I discovered because of my friend Sean’s Android, House Pizza.

Imagine, if you will, two single guys hanging out with a six pack of beer and no food. One says, “I want pizza, but not franchise store junk. Where can we go?” Out comes the new smartphone the other has and, thanks to a Yelp recommendation, they decide on House Pizzeria, were they disappointed? No friends, we were not and I have continued going back for about two years since.

Last night was the first time I have eaten my pizza at the restaurant; usually we get it to go and watch some TV while noshing. The benefit to eating in last night was we also got to sample breadsticks and a dessert. Here is our menu, as tried: The Blue, The Subterranean and Tiramisu. All was very good, here comes further discussion.

The breadsticks are wonderful, crispy and crunchy just fantastic. The addition of spice to the dough is a nice touch, because they don’t just taste bready. I particularly like the fennel seed, which adds a licorice like taste and reminds you of eating good, Italian sausage.

I ordered the blue because it had a word that just can’t resist when I see it, Stilton. The blue consists of Stilton blue cheese, mozzarella and a port wine reduction. This pizza is wonderful, well balanced funk form the blue, saltiness from the mozzarella and sweetness from the port reduction, all well paired into a beautiful orchestra of flavor. I love blue cheese, if you haven’t guessed, and I’ve discovered that it pairs incredibly well with sweet flavors.

As good as this was, though, the subterranean was even better. The subterranean consists of rosemary potatoes, mushrooms, caramelized onions and fontina cheese finished with fresh basil. The rosemary and basil just sing in this pizza, creating a wonderful landscape of flavor country. Believe me when I say friends, that it’s a big country. I want to mention quickly that the crust was perfect, crispy outer with a soft, tender, slightly chewy inner. I couldn’t have asked for better. I absolutely loved this pizza and it was a nice set up for dessert, the most important meal of the day.

The tiramisu here was fantastic, again well balanced flavor and clearly made with the love and passion that is requisite in all good food. The semi-sweet chocolate had a bitterness that played well with the earth tone flavors of the espresso soaked lady fingers and the creaminess of the marscapone cheese. This was an absolutely wonderful dessert and I can promise I will be dreaming about it for days.

All told, Matt and I spent about $25 between us for two pizzas, the dessert and a soda. Personally I think this is a fantastic deal for the quality delivered. Anytime I want pizza, this is where I'm gonna go. I would happily go back to House and I can’t wait to fulfill that statement.

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