What is a fun and unique Portland foodie experience?

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Amazing experiences are around every corner when living in or visiting Portland, Oregon. While other cities may make similar claims, Portland proves this to be true, time and time again with seemingly endless prospects for unique and fun activities. One of these awesome opportunities is the Portland Walking Tour’s Epicurean Excursion. It combines the Portland foodie experience with a walking journey. The three- to four-hour expedition weaves you through the streets of downtown. An extremely knowledgeable guide leads the charge in and out of some of the best known and best kept secrets in Portland’s extensive culinary world.

You are led through a variety of food-centric locations ranging from bakeries to breweries and just about everything in between. Small samplings are offered at each stop, leaving you full and satisfied at the end of the tour. You will also get the inside story on what you are savoring from the people who created it. Learn about high-quality chocolate at Cacao or what happened when Julie Child visited Pearl Bakery. Tourees leave the half-day with all sorts of food knowledge sure to impress friends and family.

While any foodie will be thrilled with the yummy offerings and the backstage access to some of Portland’s best culinary joints, your guide also peppers the tour with fun and interesting facts about Portland eccentricities. Ever wondered about those bubbling water fountains scattered throughout downtown or that bike art installation on the Burnside and NW 13th? These and other Portlandia questions will be answered as you walk through the streets of Stumptown.

Another perk of this tour is the variety of people you will encounter. You are sure to meet some Portland natives, but also expect to meet travelers from all over the United States and World. Perhaps a new foodie friendship will emerge!

The Epicurean Excursion is offered throughout the year, twice a day (once at 10 am and again at 2 pm). The morning and afternoon tours makes stops at different locations. December through March, the tours are only offered on Saturday and Sunday. Weather can be a concern for any Pacific North Westerner or out of town visitor, but don’t be afraid to take the tour on a cold or wet day. You should be sure to dress accordingly, but you spend a majority of your time in the restaurants, bars and shops you are sampling. You will always dry-off or warm-up quickly!

While the tour is on the pricier side ($59 a person), you get to try an assortment of fun and delicious edibles and experience a unique tour of downtown Portland. For those reasons, it is a great value and worth the splurge! It doesn’t hurt to checkout Portland’s deals of the day websites for discounted tickets. They are occasionally offered. Tours fill-up quickly, especially on weekends, so make sure to book ahead. To do this, visit http://www.portlandwalkingtours.com/tours/epicurean_excursion.php. If you are interested in any other tours of Portland, Portland Walking Tours offers a wide variety of other great experiences.

The tastes and smells of the eateries you discover on your journey will leave you with new favorite spots that you will happily return to again and again for the Portland foodie experience.

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