Fine Dining vs Fast food: What are the Factors for Making a Choice?

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If you are wanting to know whether you want to have fine dining or fast food, let me explain to you the difference between the two.

When you enter a fine dining restaurant you are usually seated by a Hostess. Once you are seated you will be waited on by either a waitress or waiter. Fine Dining Restaurants usually have appetizers, wines, beers, or any other type of Alcoholic Beverages. The portion sizes at these restaurant choices usually differ largely. When you decide to chose to eat a Fine Dining Restaurant you may not get as much food as your expecting, but the quality makes up for the quantity.

When eating at a Fine Dining Restaurant you may experience a wait in your food since the food is prepared on the spot which of course makes it fresh. Also I may need to mention that when you do arrive you may have to wait to be seated which could be a very long wait depending on how busy the restaurant is at that time of day.

Now, if your restaurant choices isn't anywhere near fine dining, you like food on the go, you like to be able to super size your food than you would love to eat at a "Fast Food Joint". Here when you walk in you will be greeted by the cashier at the the counter. You will more than likely see a Huge Sign up on the wall just below the ceiling that has all of the food choices that you can get, this depends on the type of Restaurant you have decided to visit. It maybe A Zaxbys which is all chicken, or a Burger King which is burgers, chicken, and fish sandwiches.

At fast food joints you can supersize your food whereas at a fine dining restaurant you may not. Here at a fast food joint you may also just order one sandwich instead of getting the entire meal. At fast food joints you won't get any alcoholic beverages, which is okay you can get either Coca Cola Products or Pepsi Products it just depends on which is served at the place you decide to eat at, along with having these soda's you may of course have water, coffee, or tea. You food will be up withing ten to fifteen minutes after ordering depending on how many customers were before your order.

Now lets talk price, when eating at a Fine Dining Restaurant you may have to pay a small fortune for your meal. I have researched the prices actually and some restaurants in my area charge $21 for a burger plate, but when eating at Burger King or McDonald's you may only pay $7 for a Large Burger meal, which includes large fries, a large coke and sometimes you may get an apple pie for ordering large. You can feed your entire family maybe twice or more for the price of full course meal at a Fine Dining for 4.

But the Restaurant Choices are up to you whether you would like Fine Dining or a Fast Food Joint.

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