What is a good local restuarant whose menu caters to low carb dieting?

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GNO (Girls Night Out), the once-a-month Friday night outing with my three girlfriends that I both anticipate and dread with equal measure. I anticipate it, of course, because these are my three besties with whom we have shared laughter, tears, boyfriends, break-ups and many a meal together. They are also all skinny minnies. And therein, lies the dread. I know they love me and accept me at my plus size self but it is I, who feels such angst when it comes to what shall I wear and what shall I eat on our GNO?

The good news is, that my larger than large plus size self is now just barely a plus size and soon to be normal size. I have lost ninety pounds and have done so mainly by keeping away from the white stuff....no starch, no sugar; more commonly referred to as a low carb diet. For me, eating in this manner has allowed me to lead a socially normal life. I am able to go out to dinner and find restaurants that have menus that actually cater to low carb diets, allowing me to make wise choices in my meal selections.

I don't know about you, but when I go into a restaurant and actually pay for a meal, I want to know I am getting my money's worth. Does that mean a garden salad with some cursory sprinkles of cheddar cheese and a few stray cherry tomatoes rolling around on the plate while my friends are all having bowls of pasta with fresh bread dipped in olive oil? A big ol' H to the NO! Dieting may mean sacrificing in some areas and watching your intake but it certainly doesn't mean stopping off at the grocery store to get something to prepare when you get home because you didn't get enough to eat at the restaurant.

So, therein, lies my quest to find the best restaurants in this area that provide a variety of menu options for my low carb lifestyle. And the best one I have found so far is The Repp located at 123 Main Street. This restaurant is fabulous! Upon walking in, you are greeted with a urban feel that borders on the relaxing, yet has an upscale vibe to it. I immediately wanted to take off my coat and hunker down for a while....the table in front of the big picture window overlooking Main Street beckoned me to do just that.

While I waited for the Skinny Minny Triplets to arrive, I perused the menu only to be tantalized by the customary pasta dishes and deep fried appetizers. I have learned to ask the server what they would suggest for my no starch, no sugar diet limitations. I mentally rate their response from 1 to 3 by not only their answers but their facial expressions when describing their suggestions. A "1" rating is the bored waiter who in a monotone suggests a salad with chicken. His/her face remains as uninteresting as their suggestion. I dismiss all "1's" with a polite nod and go back to the menu with a new vigor in figuring out what I want. A "3" rating is the server whose face lights up as they describe this culinary delight that has my mouth salivating at the prospect of even being allowed to eat such a meal with my diet restrictions.

This particular restaurant and this particular waiter had me wanting to order two of everything he suggested but after I calmed my hungry self down and realized I'd be defeating my entire low carb quest by doing so, decided on the Caprese Salad and Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops. At that point, it didn't matter that the Skinny Minny Triplets were already discussing their dessert choices and drinking sweet alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas. I was having the feast of a queen....and being quite satisfied with my iced water with lemon; thank you very much.

The food was beyond excellent and any meal that has me wanting to go back and meet the chef to ask him to move in with me and my husband gets a 5 star rating of excellent. While nothing on the menu was really blanketed as a low carb option, there were plenty of things from which to choose and I will certainly go back again. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone whether on a low carb, low calorie, low fat diet, or just wants to have a good meal with no dietary restrictions at all. You won't be disappointed.

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